Editor, Times-Union:
Last week Rep. Rebecca Kubacki gave her Legislative update.  However, she only told readers about two bills she sponsored which passed the House unanimously. Since Rep. Kubacki has been very busy with legislation this session, I waited for part two, thinking maybe she hit her wording limit. Nope … that was it – Rep. Kubacki's legislative update. Let me help our House District 22 Representative finish her letter to the editor.
Missing in Rep. Kubacki’s update was her betrayal of her constituents who wanted the right to vote on defending marriage at the polls in November. She must have forgotten to tell you that, not only did she vote to gut HJR3 (thus killing your chance to vote on it this fall) but after campaigning on traditional values, she also voted against the final measure protecting traditional marriage. That’s a pretty big chunk left out of the update if you ask me.
Another item Rep. Kubacki left out was her continued attack on the church. For the second year in a row, Kubacki has insisted that government knows how to care for your children better than you do. Rep. Kubacki even told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette she is “going to be the Mother of Indiana.” As if to prove it, she has co-sponsored a bill (HB1036) that will bring government regulation into our churches and monitor their activities during the day.  
This is one big massive overstep. Church daycares are already monitored for health and safety. Now Rep. Kubacki wants to control their activities such as nap time and snack selection.  Kubacki told a town hall in Warsaw she has a problem with Twinkies being served to children. However, the parents of these children (as opposed to the Mother of Indiana) always have a choice to change daycares if they are not happy with the care their kids receive.
If there is a pushy, intrusive, regulation bill, our Rep. Kubacki is there to put her stamp of approval on it. She has the same mentality that led the Obama Administration to prevent me from choosing to buy certain light bulbs for my home.
Of course, Rep. Kubacki wants us to know of her unanimously-passed bills. Who wouldn’t want to protect moms and give adoption credits? However, the current District 22 representative has not given readers the full picture of what she is doing down in Indianapolis.
Now, as Paul Harvey would say, you know the rest of the story.
Monica Boyer
Warsaw, via e-mail