Editor, Times-Union:
I just read the letter from Monica Boyer about comments made Saturday by our Dist. 22 state representative, Rebecca Kubacki.
Unfortunately, I missed this meeting. However, I would like to comment that Rep. Kubacki did not happen to mis-speak or simply have an off day when she made these comments. This seems to be her honest and on-going attitude.
She told me the same thing by email on 4/14/13. I had written her about my opposition to Common Core educational standards. Her response was to tell me, “I can only go by what our educators are telling me.” She then proceeded to suggest that I contact the administrators at Warsaw Community Schools.
Although she claims to use school administrators as her source of information, she doesn’t even seem to be aware of the school corporations in her districts. In my email, I had told her I was from Mentone and she should have suggested I contact administrators at Tippecanoe Valley Schools.
I didn’t feel that contacting school officials would be of any use as they do not sit in the Indiana legislature and would not be able to vote on this issue. I considered her suggestion to contact school officials to be a "smoke screen" and thought she was just trying to throw me off track and get me to quit contacting her.
Considering that a vote was going to be taken in the Indiana House of Representatives a few day’s later, I thought that I had been appropriate in contacting my representative about the upcoming vote that she would be making. It seems obvious that she doesn’t consider herself a representative of her district.
I don’t believe that school administrators are the only ones who voted for her. I know for a fact that they aren’t, as I woefully admit that I voted for her. Not again! With her re-election coming up later this year, I will be happy to vote for an alternative candidate to get a representative who will actually represent me!
Debra Spencer
Mentone, via email