Editor, Times-Union:
On Saturday, January 11, I attended a Common Core educational event at Warsaw Schools held in response to parental concerns about Common Core, a federal takeover of education standards.
I am grateful to WCS officials, for the manner in which they have listened to parental concerns. Dr. Hintz and David Hoffert have maintained an open-door policy with citizens and parents. I was grateful to see school board members present as well.
Unfortunately, the graciousness of the WCS was not matched by State Representative Rebecca Kubacki. To the surprise of the audience, right after the first speaker, Senator Kruse gave his presentation, she broke in as Dr. Terrence Moore, the keynote speaker from Hillsdale College, was beginning his presentation.
Kubacki proceeded to lecture those assembled why she had voted against the one-year Common Core pause, rather supporting immediate implementation of this massive national program to take over our children's education.
Kubacki told the crowd she does not represent constituent views in her district when she votes. On education issues, Kubacki explained, she listens to counsel of educators alone. She pointedly did not include parents or any other voters in the groups of people whose opinion she seeks before she votes.  According to Kubacki, if you are not an educator, your voice does not matter on this issue.
Kubacki told the audience that her constituents should not contact her directly about educational matters unless it is their field of expertise. She instructed parents to contact school district officials, persuading educators of their opinion, and then those officials would carry the message to Kubacki.
Kubacki next tried to divert attention from her vote in favor of Common Core, by claiming those who have concerns about it are simply attacking school officials. “I’m not going to let you bash these superintendents,” claimed Kubacki. (As noted above, school administrators have worked constructively with parents to review Common Core concerns, with parents being grateful for the requested input.)
Kubacki further explained to the crowd that there are too many issues facing legislators, so she does not study each issue carefully. Instead she relies on key advisers to know how to vote.  According to Kubacki, since she merely votes as advised by “experts” and constituents should not be unhappy with her job performance.
With sadness and disappointment, I am forced to conclude Representative Kubacki has lost the meaning of public service.  A legislator with the heart of a servant would find a way to listen to constituents who disagree, not falsely claiming those with legitimate concerns were seeking to bash school superintendents. She would not tell parents their voice on education does not matter, not to contact her with concerns, nor blame her votes on advisers.
Public service is not the right calling for everyone. Perhaps State Representative Rebecca Kubacki should reconsider her part-time job in Indianapolis because voters in District 22 deserve a representative who actually listens to the people.
Monica Boyer
Warsaw, via e-mail