Editor, Times-Union:
I admire Rep. Kubacki’s strong work ethic and good heart. In early 2012 I noticed how she stood up under pressure for legislation that I feel will grow our Indiana economy. I also noticed she stood for freedom of business owners to run their establishments in the way they thought was best. In 2012 I handed out palm cards for her during the 2012 primary and general elections because I thought we were on the same page. She has changed.
Rep. Kubacki said on the palm cards, “The best people to decide what is good for our children are our parents and teachers right here in our district - not bureaucrats in Indianapolis.” Since then Rep. Kubacki has voted against pausing Common Core. Common Core takes away local and state control of education.
Rep. Kubacki voted for our marriage amendment in 2011. This year she has declined to support our ability to vote on this next November.
Rep. Kubacki authored and was the lead sponsor of HB 1042 to regulate church day care centers. It did not pass in 2013. Church ministries are already regulated as to health and safety issues. The government money that goes to day care centers is money that follows each child. Day care centers do not apply for a subsidy for their ministries.
I do not have to dislike Rep. Kubacki to not support her.
I do not have to not respect Rep. Kubacki to not support her.
I do like and respect Rep. Kubacki, however, I endeavor to vote not based on personality but on the issues.
Because of the issues important to me, I feel it is time for a new representative for House District 22.
Craig Nayrocker