Editor, Times-Union:
Mr. Kolbe,
Your recent editorial was very interesting, however, the errors and the facts you left unsaid are of far more value.
You first refer to Luke as a historian, when in fact Luke was a doctor and apostle. You then make a poor attempt to tie socialism to dedicated Saints following Jesus Christ. Mr. Kolbe, “in Acts they were not talking about government mandates on the transfer of wealth from those who have, to those who have not.” (Socialism) What you referred to, in Acts, were followers of Jesus Christ voluntarily giving to those in need. Your attempt to associate the Saint’s act with socialism is illogical and pure hogwash. By the way you misquoted the verse. It’s Acts 4:34-35. My Bible has only 37 verses in Acts 4:
Regarding your comments on crop insurance, some of your omitted facts are as follows. Farmers pay huge premiums for their insurance in order to insure being able to repay the bank when the loan comes due. The first returns to the farmers during a loss year are the premiums they paid in. In some years the government and the administrating insurance companies actually come out ahead, keeping the farmers premium and not paying losses. In loss years (i.e. 2012) the administrating companies and the government pick up the slack. The risk is so huge no private insurance company could shoulder the risk. Regarding big farmer payments; I believe you would agree a farmer with 100 acres should not receive the same insurance check as the one with 10,000 acres. You will find, however, the indemnity payment per acre is the same with the same policy selection. Your underlying implication is “farmers are becoming wealthy because of crop insurance payments.” I challenge you to find a farmer who would rather take a crop insurance payment in lieu of a good crop. Mr. Kolbe, as with most insurance products, there is a deductible!
Mr. Kolbe, the net result of crop insurance is, “the United States of America is the least expensive place in the world for you to feed your family.” So you, Mr. Kolbe, are the ultimate benefactor of the system you are criticizing.
May God continue to richly bless the American farmer and The United States of America!
Proud to be Americans,
David Goshert & Richard Goshert
Winona Lake, via e-mail