Editor, Times-Union:
The Times-Union published a letter to the editor from Democrat candidate David Kolbe April 25. In it, Kolbe criticized his Republican opponent Curt Nisly for accepting the pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America’s endorsement because he, the Democrat challenger for the same office, doesn’t like the organization.
The thing I want to highlight is that Kolbe pointed out that Republican Rebecca Kubacki received a failing rating from them as he said he would have himself if they vetted him. Incumbent Rebecca Kubacki did not even receive the NRA’s endorsement.
So what does that tell you? Democrat Kolbe and Republican Rebecca Rebecca Kubacki are the “birds of a feather.”
If liberals like David Kolbe and progressives like Rebecca Kubacki are against Curt Nisly, then I am for Curt Nisly.
Kolbe patting Rebecca Kubacki on the back while insinuating Nisly is some kind of grand wizard or racist was as dirty as it gets. I hope Curt Nisly crushes his competition in a landslide victory. He's just an average guy trying to get an opportunity to defend our Bill of Rights. I’m not surprised that connected politicians are smearing him.
You want liberty? Vote Republican Curt Nisly on May 6.
Pat Jamison
Burket, via email