Editor, Times-Union:
Well, as we sit here and watch Obama get ready to take another of our freedoms away, mainly the Second Amendment, does anyone really think he is going to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines and leave it at that? After looking over his proposal, which really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, I will tell you why.
First off, he says nothing about all the highly violent movies that Hollyweird puts out year after year and he will not because then we would have a whole bunch of West Coast millionaires running around out of work and not putting any money into his 2016 campaign fund. Don’t laugh. He will run in 2016 if he hasn’t already declared himself king by then and declared Sharia law.
He really didn’t touch on mental illness either. I don’t think if you have to pop a pill everyday to cope that you need to be buying a gun or be in possession of one. Do you know if this thing all goes through that your doctor and medical personnel will be asking you if you have any guns in your house? What does me having a gun in my house got to do with a sore throat that I may have?
He has all kinds of junk attached to this thing that don’t have anything to do with the real problem, which is basically, prayer and the Ten Commandments can’t be found anywhere in a school these days and kids and adults are bombarded daily with violent movies and TV shows, not to mention the countless hours kids spend playing video games that most adults shouldn’t be playing. He threw in all the other stuff to make it look like he did a lot.
Why not just a magazine ban and assault rifle ban? I will tell you why. He knows that with what he has here, it will not change a single thing. There will be another nut case do the same thing or worse on down the road, then he can do what he has wanted to do from the start – ban all guns. When the small arms treaty is signed with NATO, which will take away our handguns, we will not have much of a Second Amendment left, will we?
I liked the way that he used the children, too. I believe a man named Hitler did the same thing right before he disarmed Germany. America, wake up and pray. I am far from perfect but I understand the word of God enough to know that the road we are on now is the wrong one. We need a president who seeks the face of God for guidance, not a dictator who is swayed by the wind to have all the power he can take. Have a nice day!
Lonnie Slone
Warsaw, via e-mail