Editor, Times-Union:
Kosciusko REMC is part of the Indiana electric cooperative network that has historically fought for affordable electric rates for Hoosiers.
As such, electric rates in Indiana, on average, are among the lowest in the nation, but new Environmental Protection Agency regulations are threatening those rates which Hoosiers rely upon to power their homes and businesses.
What was supposed to be an “All-Of-The-Above” energy policy — incorporating the use of coal, natural gas, renewables and nuclear energy to generate power — has effectively been cut to an “All-But-One” approach.   
And coal — which produces 83 percent of the state’s electricity, keeps 29,000 Hoosiers employed, and maintains affordable electric rates — is the “one” being cut. This approach is a dire threat to our economy and households across the Hoosier state.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to open a 60-day comment period for feedback on proposed regulations. Kosciusko REMC is urging you to speak up and tell the EPA we need a reasonable “All-Of-The-Above” energy policy to keep electricity affordable for Hoosiers. Go to www.action.coop to share your comments and learn more about the EPA’s proposal.
“We work hard every day to provide affordable and reliable electricity to our members,” said Bruce Goslee, KREMC President and CEO. “These regulations jeopardize our ability to achieve this mission. Please join me by contacting the EPA at www.action.coop to share your comments and concerns.”
KREMC is a member-owned Touchstone Energy® electric cooperative serving over 17,000 customers throughout Kosciusko County and into surrounding counties.
Submitted by Katy Berger
KREMC Communications Specialist