Editor, Times-Union:
My son is 54 years old and has a good job with very good medical insurance.
Joe has T cell lymph nodes of the blood. It is from the soles of his feet to the top of his head and also affects his eyes. He is terminal and it will not go into remission. It is incurable.
Joe is on chemo and has to continue working for an income and insurance and it is extremely hard on him. The doctors told him since he is terminal he won’t have any trouble getting on disability. Wrong!
He applied for disability and was told he has to be without an income for five months.
How is he supposed to survive and pay for constant doctors and chemo treatments without an income? He would also lose his home and not even have money for rent or food. His wife has several medical problems and is unable to work though she had worked for years until her health became so bad.
There are a lot of people on disability who do not deserve it but are sly enough to get it anyway, especially drug addicts who have never worked or paid taxes.
Joe is also an Army veteran and has always worked and paid taxes.
Barbara Perry
Silver Lake