Editor, Times-Union:
The Times-Union Thursday issue ran a cartoon that was over the top. Too bad most people don’t know much about history or care.
England meddled in Palestine.  The 1917 Balfour declaration essentially gave the nation of Palestine, or most of it, to the Jews, which wasn’t theirs to give to anyone, which has led to the insanity of today’s news.
The people of Gaza stick Israel with pins, and Israel crushes Gaza with tanks and jet fighters.
Couple all this with the madness of all three insane religions and you have perpetual war over spooks in the sky.
Our keepers have given Israel over 120 billion of your money plus the latest arms since World War II. I don’t recall a vote on the subject. Don’t forget the untold number of atomic weapons held by this pip-squeak little parasite state.
The Christians say the end of the world is coming. They should know. Christians, Muslims and Jews fanatics are bringing it on.
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via email