Editor, Times-Union:
On my drive home from work during August's First Friday, I stopped at the Main Street/Lake Street stoplight and was appalled and angered at something I saw unfolding in front of me.
There on the courthouse square, a dad with his young child ignored the barrier around the tank and went inside, where dad proceeded to put the child up on the tank. The child then proceeded to crawl/climb/stomp all over it, and ended up on the very top, striking a pose. All the while, mom is standing there taking pictures! Shame on them! How irreverent!
On another note, what if the child had fallen and gotten hurt? The parents probably would've sued the city to cover their own stupidity (and would've lost). This is yet another example of why a lot of kids today have no respect for anything including boundaries and restrictions, thinking that rules don't apply to them.
Step up and be parents instead of trying to be "cool!"
Rachel Waldridge
Warsaw, via email