Editor, Times-Union:
My name is Dora Morant de Wagner, I am a cancer survivor of two years and I would like for everybody to know who Dr. Musaberk Goksel is. He is a pronounced professional and a great person, with a warmhearted human touch, which today is extremely hard to find. He is a doctor that loves his patients. He not only dedicates himself to treating a patient but he sympathizes with the pain that one is going through and he does everything possible to make sure that every patient feels well emotionally with kindness and with his smile that gives a patient the strength to push forward.
Thank you Dr. Goksel, a million thanks.
I would like to also express that the hospital (KCH), our community, and us the patients would be loosing an amazing person and an amazing oncologist that has dedicated his life to doing everything humanly possible to save so many lives, and I am one of them.
I cannot acknowledge and thank enough the group of nurses (Jennifer, Norma, Carol, Teresa, Tammy, Julie, and others I did not have the privilege of meeting or seeing as much of) that compose the entire chemotherapy team, and the entire amazing team that Dr. Goksel has working in the clinic with such accountability, dedication, and so much love for each patient. In these past two years, each time that I stepped into the Cancer Care Center I felt that I was home. Starting with the receptionist (Deb) who always received me with her smile and kindness, the nurse practitioner (Lou Ann) always available for any concerns and explaining my illness with greatdetail, the dietitian (Wanda), the mediator (Mary), and ending with the scheduler (Amanda) who was/is always joyful, patient, and willing to make my appointments work for me and my husband’s lives.
I must say that the entire selfless warmhearted human spirit helps a patient to find the strength to continue. This is why I needed you to know how important a doctor such as Dr. Goksel is vital to our community. Thank you for taking the time read and to publish my letter.
Thank you again to Dr. Musaberk Goksel and know that I have always wanted you to know how much I thank the amazing woman, your wife, that joins you in your career, and I wish you the all God’s strength to continue on. It is because of your experience, knowledge, hope, and dedication that my husband and I will be able to return to our homeland, Argentina, to complete our retirement next to our four children and our grandchildren.
Dora Morant de Wagner
Warsaw, via email