Editor, Times-Union:
The Scandal surrounding former Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett is an indication of the length that radical factions of the GOP will go to in their war on public schools and the middle class.
In other words if the argument doesn’t stand on its own then we’ll lie and cheat to get the job done. Obviously if you could not only support the privatization of public education and put money in your buddies pocket at the same time, it becomes the perfect crime. But unfortunately for Tony the sad fact is that just because something is done privately versus publicly, it does not automatically become superior in its delivery. Such is the essence of the Tea Party philosophy and highly regarded dystopian vision held by the followers of Ayn Rand and Grover Norquist. Lie to the common man, subjugate him and then fool him into supporting his own demise for fun and profit.
 The ultimate hypocrisy is that the profitability of all this nonsense is directly related to the need for public infrastructure. We need taxes to fill the potholes and keep the bridges from falling down thus allowing the transportation of cheap foreign made good to our retail outlets.
We need taxes to support all our military interventions protecting all our vital national interests overseas and to provide funding for Municipal Airport runway expansion projects. We need taxes to provide security to prevent the overflow of impoverished people from impeding on the increasingly isolated upper class communities and housing developments.
Yet the current tax rates are lower than they have been for the last 50 years and the country is showing the wear and tear and especially in the area of public schooling.
Public education is the backbone of American Freedom. It is a real investment in our future and a level playing field for the entire American public. A great mind is a terrible thing to waste and the only way to prevent such tragic waste is to support greater funding for public schools.
Ted Carter
Leesburg, via email