Editor, Times-Union:
While Rebecca Kubacki’s rags-to-riches story and the good things she has done in her life are certainly noteworthy, you’ll never convince a lot of us that you haven’t turned your back on your humble beginnings and now are a full-fledged member of the “wealthy elite.”
Through my 37-plus-years career I was fortunate to know, love and serve some of the warmest, humble, generous down-to-earth people who just happened to be wealthy. I can assure you that they didn’t consider themselves to be “elite.”
Your many examples of arrogance: I’m going to vote how me and my powerful friends and so-called experts think I should instead of listening to the people who elected and re-elected you. (I’m not one of them but I’m still a constituent.) Proves where your loyalties are now.
The final proof to me, a retired but current and proud 40-year member of the National Association of Letter Carriers union, was when you made the statement “union workers make too much money.” Work a shift at Dalton foundries in the heat and soot for 20-plus years or stand on your feet for two hours sorting mail (on a platform so you can reach the top row) and then slap a mail bag on your shoulder and go on a refreshing walk for six to eight hours in -40 degree weather and knee deep snow and go up and down icy steps and ice-covered walking conditions where you’re just one misstep away from falling down and breaking something. Do that for every snow storm we had, not only this winter but for the 35-plus years it takes to collect your well-deserved pension and then tell me we union workers make too much money.
Ask the hard-working, intelligent and personable lady carrier that works at our local post office that just happens to be your height and has her own humble Hispanic migrant farm workers roots about the many years she worked part-time with no paid holidays or guaranteed hours (as I did for 7-1/2 years) how much harder the job was for her than us long-armed, long-legged guys and then tell her she makes too much money. Deliver the first full-time route I had which was 13 walking miles a day (no vehicles back then) in 90-plus degree heat five days in a row for less than $6 an hour and tell me I was overpaid.
You have to be well aware of the slave wages and squalid, deplorable housing the wealthy elite landowners imposed upon the migrant farm workers going back generations until a guy named Chavez organized them into a “gasp” union back in the ’70s. By your own words you now believe members of the migrant farm workers union make too much money.
I wonder how all of the people from your “humble beginnings” going back generations view you now?
Roger Gaff
Warsaw, via e-mail