Editor, Times-Union:
In response to Bev Garner’s letter to the editor, I want everyone in our community to know that Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice has served this county for 38 years and fully intends to continue to provide its compassionate service for another 38 years.
This organization was started by eight dedicated nurses in 1976.  They saw a need and decided to dedicate their lives to serving the individuals in their community, especially those less fortunate individuals who could not afford the service.  We continue to provide the same compassionate care today with our dedicated staff.
We have remained loyal to this community and to the nurses who began this agency many years ago.  Due to competition coming in from the surrounding counties we struggle to secure new referrals and to retain our current patients.  
We want you to know that it is the “patient’s choice” to request a provider like Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice for all of your home care and hospice needs.  Your physician, hospital personnel, or nursing facility will be more than happy to grant you your request.  Our staff is committed to provide the best possible service which we have shown to our community in the past.  
We have been a very loyal provider of service to this community for 38 years and we ask that the community remember us for all of their home care and hospice needs.
Thank you,
Rick Paczkowski
Executive Director
Kosciusko Home Care & Hospice, via email