I was reading Rick Wagner's letter about the railroad lines in Friday's edition. I have another idea for some of those trails.
I wrote once before about the lack of horseback riding areas in this county. The closest places to go trail riding around here are an hour away. The next night someone wrote in suggesting using the abandoned railroad lines.
I have searched the internet looking for maps of these old lines and have not come up with anything. It would be awesome to do some actual trail riding in this area.
Currently my friends and I have to do most of our riding on the roads, which isn't very safe at times. Especially when teenage boys on 4-wheelers decide to rev it up and do wheelies past us. We are lucky enough to have a few people that allow us onto their land, but with crops growing most of our field riding is limited.
While on our rides, we see so many horses in our area that aren't being ridden. Trail riding is so much fun and good for your soul, but a lot of people don't have time to haul their horses an hour away just to trail ride.
There are many trails and paths already for walking, biking, etc. Why not open some rural trails for horseback riding? I'm pretty sure that horse people would even drive to this area to use the trails.And most of the trail riders I know are pretty considerate people. I'm pretty sure even the Indiana Trail Rider's Association could get involved in helping to clear these trails.
Meanwhile, we'll just keep riding down the road....
Melanie Odell