Editor, Times-Union:
This past year my family made the hardest, most difficult decision of our lifetime. We prayerfully and tearfully made the decision to remove our children from private school and place them in the Warsaw Community School system. As a mom who strongly believed the only way to educate our children was private school, I felt like I had failed our children. With much hesitation, my husband and I decided to make that first call and meet with the school administration. We met with several officials including Dr. Hintz.
There was one man that made the decision very clear for us.  David Hoffert. Not only did he listen to my fears of the transfer, he understood them. His door was open every time I had a question (and still is). When I saw how much he believed in the kids, our community, his faith and my family, I knew we had arrived at the right decision. He never once dodged a tough question. (And believe me ... I had lots!) He answered them calmly understanding my fears.
We made the leap, placed our children in public school, and our four children are thriving.
Warsaw is an incredible place to raise children. There are several qualities I believe are needed when choosing the next superintendent: Integrity, honesty, character, an open door, a listening ear and a love for our children. I believe David Hoffert has those qualities and many more. With qualities like these, I know even when I don’t agree with him, he will listen and make the right decision based on what is best for our families. Warsaw is a better place because of what he and his family bring to our community. I don’t know what the process will be in choosing our next superintendent, or if he’s even in the running for the job, but I felt compelled to let our community know what a treasure we have right here.
I do have one regret in our decision to move our children from private school to Warsaw Community Schools. I regret not making it sooner. The opportunities Warsaw has to offer are incredible. We have wonderful teachers, and wonderful administrators and I am blessed to live in this community. I pray that our school board takes a hard look at the qualities David Hoffert brings to our community.
This mom is sold.
Monica Boyer
Warsaw, via e-mail