Editor, Times-Union:
Now that we have had time to get fired up about Dr. Goksel, let’s show him. Let’s show him how we feel and have total appreciation of his knowledge.
We need him to know how far we will go to keep him here. He works 24/7 with love and dedication for all his patients. He has a need for another doctor to help with the workload and give him some time that he can spend with family and his other interests.
We also need a cancer center equipped with the necessary things to service the patients, without having to send them to other places for further treatment.
As my sister Carole pointed out to the president of our district, Mr. Tom Miller, it is a hardship on the patients and family to travel somewhere else. It is expensive for lodging and food while the patient is undergoing treatment.
Dr. Goksel’s only concern is his patients. Now it’s time for action on our part to help and him and our community. Please write to Mr. Tom Miller, Division 5 Operations, 4000 Meridian Blvd., Franklin, TN 38067. Email tommiller@chs.net
Let him know how you feel about this dilemma.
Don and Naomi Joswiak