Editor, Times-Union:
In my years in the statewide political world, I have always respected different points of view and have always encouraged folks to become involved in the political process – always looking for new thoughts and ideas. Now I have to wonder why anyone would want to be involved and be subjected to personal attacks and in some cases outright lies about their voting record.
The lies and misinformation was recently proven in the letter to the editor titled “The Real Story.” However, personal attacks and vindictive name calling such as “Holy Hot Tamale” are uncalled for especially in Kosciusko County. Residents here are not racist nor will they tolerate the attitude that comes with mean-spirited name calling. When a candidate has a strong platform and presents it well, negativism and attacks on the opposition are not necessary.
Since my husband Jim and I always use the common sense approach when voting, we will be voting for Rebecca Kubacki.  We believe she has represented the majority of District 22 voters quite well – under the circumstances in the General Assembly, that those opposing her do not understand. We ask you to join our lead on May 6. Vote for a proven leader, Rebecca Kubacki.  
Jim and Jean Northenor
Atwood/Warsaw, via email
P.S. By the way, this same bunch of “agginners” (I am not sure that is a word but it felt right.) are also attacking Representative Kathy Heuer from an adjoining district. Is there a war on women or do they just enjoy spreading their hate? One more question – what is the union doing in a Republican primary? They donated $15,000 to Kubacki’s opponent. Sure makes you wonder – what is really going on?
Jean Northenor