Editor, Times-Union:
After reading Mr. Gerard’s News Views Saturday, I have concluded that one of us is either terribly paranoid or incredibly naive. I just don’t know which is which.
Mr. Gerard goes into great detail explaining the various aspects of a bill called “The Handgun Trigger Safety Act.” He further alleges that this bill would be the death knell for the gun industry and eventually disarm the citizenry.
News is Mr. Gerard’s business so I must assume he is familiar with drones. Drones are the newest method of bombing the hell out of third-world countries that don’t welcome American imperialism with open arms. If the government sincerely wanted to get of gun manufacturers, shops and all things related to guns, send out a few drones and problem solved. Disarming the citizenry is also fairly simple. This is 2014, not Nazi Germany. Kicking down bedroom doors in the middle of the night is so passe. Let’s see what your piddling gun can do against tanks when they’re headed for your door.
The ending of Mr. Gerard’s column states this bill will not become law in the near future. This bill will never become law. The gun lobby is one of the richest and most powerful special interests, right up there with Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the military industrial complex. All one need do is wave a bucket of cash under the greedy noses of a congressman or senator and you have a new best friend forever, or as long as the money keeps pouring in. The best government money can buy.
Janet Collins
Etna Green, via e-mail