Editor, Times-Union:
Rep. Rebecca Kubacki cast an unfortunate vote against gun rights last week, one which indicates a skeptical view toward concealed carry (CCW) rights.
As the Wisconsin state senator who sponsored the bill to establish concealed carry rights in that state, I learned how amendments shape legislation. Rep. Kubacki cast her anti-gun rights vote on an amendment to a proposed bill.
SB229 is a good bill which deals with various firearm matters. Rep. Kubacki actually voted for this bill on final House reading. Amendments, however, can tell a different story.
Under current Indiana law, it is a crime to have a firearm anywhere on school grounds, even if the owner is otherwise licensed for concealed carry, and even if the gun remains locked out of sight in a vehicle. This is bad policy, because it requires a parent to be disarmed for the entire trip to and from school, and possibly all day.
SB229 would change this policy and allow a firearm to be legally secured in a vehicle on school property.
Amendment #1 proposed to remove from SB229 the provision I have just described. Rep. Kubacki joined in this attempt to keep parents disarmed while on their way to and from a school.
Fortunately, Amendment #1 failed, but residents of District 22 should keep in mind Rep. Kubacki's efforts to weaken SB229 by amendment. If Rep. Kubacki truly desires to protect children, disarming their parents is an odd way to pursue this goal.
Vote Curt Nisly on May 6.
Pam Galloway
Warsaw, via e-mail