Editor Times-Union:
How can Rebecca Kubacki, who says she votes as a conservative with less government intrusion, vote for more government regulations and intrusions?
In 2013 she coauthored a bill to regulate church daycare ministries. These were just a few of the items that she wanted in the bil:
1. Child Protective Services could come in and close a church daycare without a court order.
2. A pastor could go to jail or be fined without a court order for not doing everything the government required.
Rebecca Kubacki would not back off of these issues and thankfully with lots and lots of calls, she saw there was trouble brewing and it got pulled. This year though, more regulations did get passed against church daycare facilities.
In 2011 she stated that she was in support of traditional marriage – marriage between one man and one woman. She now lies about how she voted in a town hall meeting in Warsaw last month about not knowing the second sentence was in the bill the first time, expecting us to be ignorant constituents that would not trace her voting record. Well we may not be elected officials but we keep track on how she votes and votes don’t lie.
She denied us the ability to vote on gay marriage and now I think it’s time that we deny her the ability to vote for us, since she says that she listens to “the experts.”  Who are those people? Do they live in her district?
An older gentleman said some sad words on Monday night and I think he speaks for many people who are waking up and feeling betrayed by Rebecca Kubacki. He said at first he was afraid for his children and grandchildren’s future so he got involved. Then he added with great concern, “Now, I’m afraid for my own future and that is why I want to help.” Many people are expressing that same concern. How could she betray us?
 It’s time for District 22 to make a change in the right direction and allow Rebecca Kubacki to come back and mother her family instead of the families of District 22. Curt Nisly will represent District 22 with the integrity that has been lacking. Please vote for him on Tuesday, May 6.
Voter registration ends on April 7 so if you’ve moved, changed your name or will be 18 by election time in November, now is the time to register. Your freedom depends on you. If you want to get involved please go to www.curtnisly.com
 Teresa Martin
Silver Lake, via email