Editor, Times-Union:
Thursday afternoon started out as a normal afternoon after work. I came home, changed clothes, then mowed the yard. I decided to take a break and go see my brother, then I came home and decided to pull some weeds out of the flowers.
I live on Packerton Road on a stretch that is straight, so traffic goes by pretty fast most of the time. I know that there were a lot of cars that went by while I was there.
I was pulling weeds out of the flowers that I have by the mailbox along the road. While I was doing this I received a phone call, so I sat up and was talking on the phone when a young lady pulled in the drive way. I motioned for her to wait for a minute. I ended my call as soon as I could and went over to the car. She proceeded to explain to me that she seen me setting there and thought something might be wrong with me. She continued to apologize for interrupting me. I told her there was no problem with her stopping and checking. And I thanked her for caring and stopping to check.
This time there was nothing wrong with anything. I am sure this young lady is busy just like everyone else, but she took the time to care about a stranger. I didn't realize that I looked like something might be wrong with me, but I must have. And out of all the cars that went by she was the only one that stopped. It didn't hurt anything, her stopping to check on me. I did not get the young lady’s name.
But I want to say thank you again. It made me feel good that someone would stop like that. You hear of all the bad things and people in the paper and for a change I thought it would be good to hear something good about someone. You could tell by the way this girl spoke that she is a good and kind person. Her parents and the rest of her family should be very proud of this young lady.
Rex Allen
Warsaw, via email