Editor, Times-Union:
Wow! Was the paper placed in my Times-Union cylinder Saturday morning a real Times-Union? The articles I read on pages 1 and 2 were not of the ultra-conservative, right-wing variety that I have learned to tolerate. Much to my surprise a beloved Republican state senator was savaged and maligned in a way usually reserved for Democrats, unions and the president. “Profit Makers” was referred to in a tone bordering on disparaging and compared to “blood money.”
After many years of reading the Times-Union, I thought “profit makers” were to be honored, revered and respected. Big pharma was excoriated for using lobbyists and cash to influence favorable legislation. The Supreme Court has determined that corporations are people and money is free speech, making politicians commodities to be bought and sold to the highest bidder and bribery legal.
Most jaw-dropping was the citing of the Nation and Mother Jones as reference for the articles. As a former Nation subscriber and current and long-time subscriber to Mother Jones, I can confidently state that 80 percent of the Times-Union readership would find these magazines to be un-American, Socialist, Communist and Marxist propaganda. My intent is not to make light of meth labs but to point out the duplicity employed by the Times-Union.
Criticizing a “Kudos” letter is probably considered bad form but the $500 donation to Mobile Meals by Walmart is truly an insult. Walmart pays their employees so poorly that many of them qualify for food stamps and Medicaid, making taxpayers subsidize Walmart. No other business has done more to destroy small mom-and-pop businesses and starve communities than Walmart. The six Walmart heirs have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans. As a taxpayer forced to subsidize Walmart, I feel nothing but contempt for them. Wealth redistribution at it’s finest. A $50,000 donation would be nothing more than pocket change to them. Shame!
Janet Collins
Etna Green