Editor, Times-Union:
It is true that action speaks louder than words.
Your words reached CHS and KCH officials.
They have agreed as to how important Dr Goksel is to us and our loved ones.
The action has to start now.
During this campaign, many patients were sent to Goshen Hospital for breast and prostate cancer.
Dr. Goksel is staying with us, and there is not any reason for anyone to go to Goshen or any other hospital. As we all know, he is in the top five of oncologists in our nation. Why would we go anywhere else?
We campaigned to keep him and won, but now we must ask everyone to stay here instead of going somewhere else.
Please remember, you will save time, gas and most likely your life by going to Dr. Goksel. We have him, now let’s support him.
Carole Smith
Crystal Lake, via e-mail