Editor, Times-Union:
Recently an opinion by Tina Dupuy titled “Creationist with an iPhone Paradox” provided misleading and disingenuous information about the scientific consensus on global warming. This is nothing new. Led by big Al “the government’s pal” Gore the media continues to provide false information about what they say is the “scientific certainty” of manmade global warming.
I simply want anyone who is interested in this topic to know the rest of the story. There are many excellent scientists in the climate field who do not agree with the manmade global warming gang. To name three examples, Dr. Larry Vardiman with a ph.d in atmospheric science from Colorado State University and who has been researching atmospheric science for 35 years, Michael Onard with a master’s in climatology and a retired national weather expert, and Dr. Roy Spencer from the University of Alabama Huntsville who is one of the most knowledgeable climate scientists in the world. All three of these experts strongly oppose the manmade global warming claim.
A great resource for everyone to watch (since the media is not going to provide the facts for you) is a short You-Tube video you can find with Vardiman by searching Origins_GlobalWarming. An excellent video can be found on the AnswersInGenesis.org site, Global Warming. If you really want to know the truth about this topic then it is worth your effort to watch these.
Tina Dupuy and Al Gore would like for you to believe that there is no dissent on this topic and that science is in agreement  when in fact many experts do not agree. But what the progressive left likes to do is to ignore those dissenters and silence them. They will not debate their opponents because they know it will be a disaster for their position and will expose their misleading statements.
Excellent science will welcome debate and skeptic views but not these jokers. No, they simply silence their credible opponents because their agenda has directed personal wealth attached to those pushing it along.
Please take the time and do some research and you will quickly discover that a strong dissent against the manmade global warming idea come from some of the world’s leading climate scientists. We all need to demand open debates on this subject. Believe me, those dissenting experts welcome the challenge but those progressives will not do this because they know they will lose.
Steve Matthews