Editor, Times-Union:
I would like to take this opportunity to briefly expand on my April 12 letter to the editor “give to charity” in order to highlight the most vital part of the social safety net-jobs. While our local non-profit charities provide vital assistance to those who are in genuine need of help due to the misfortunes of life. They could not do so without the necessary donations that come from our local and large businesses and those of us employed at these businesses. But more importantly for the majority of us who are willing and able to be employed these jobs give us the necessary financial resources to maintain a fair level of independence. This is supposed to keep our non-profit charities, churches, state welfare agencies from being overwhelmed with people seeking aid, thus allowing them to better focus their limited resources in helping the most vulnerable members of society.
Which brings us to the following while our country as a whole and Main Street USA in particular is still recovering from the Great Recession of just a few short years ago. We here in Kosciusko County can continue to do our part in that recovery by doing the following: retaining, strengthening, expanding, and diversifying local industries especially ones that provide full employment through efforts at the local, state, and national levels, making an extra effort to support the businesses of your local entrepreneurs by visiting those places when possible, supporting the creation of an industrial/vocational/agricultural/technological research park here in Kosciusko County to encourage innovation that will benefit our county, state and country, making sure that your own fiscal house is in order before we get the federal government finances turned around, getting the empty retail store fronts at the K-Mart, Big R, Carson’s, and Wal-Mart shopping plazas full again before building more retail outlets, the more academic and vocational skills that you can learn both inside and outside our schools the better, the continued support of such community resources as our local libraries, more specifically getting funding restored to the Warsaw Public Library to erase their budget shortfall, encouraging activities that promote mental and physical fitness which leads to a more productive workforce. The Greenway trail in Warsaw serves as an example for what can be established elsewhere in the county, establishing a demolition fund through public and private fundraising to demolish abandoned industrial and commercial properties that can no longer be utilized for any for-profit or non-profit use, and the continued public and private support of science and math education. Read the Aug. 27 Times-Union article “OrthoWorx Gives $300K to Further STEM Education” for details.
I know that there are more ideas that can be added to this list. So I would like to encourage others to contribute their ideas to this open public forum that is provided by the Times-Union.
Alexander Houze