Editor, Times-Union:
It began out of necessity. The sign ordinance.
The dreaded meetings at the old city hall building.
We, at Kosciusko Silent NO more encouraged our folks to “think globally, act locally.”It was important that we practiced what we preached.
Several members of KSNM began attending the meetings. When I first started attending, I may or may not have said, it was like pulling my fingernails out one at a time, giving up my Monday nights to go be with our City Council to watch what they were doing with our local government.
It began with a beef. They were taking the regulations just a bit too far with the local sign ordinance. What I found was, they took my anger and not only listened, but they acted on it. We were grateful. The temptation to stop going to the meetings grew. We didn't stop. What I found as we became “regulars” was that when we walked into the meetings, we were greeted with smiles and when we left, we were thanked.
My husband and I left the meeting last night, and we both smiled and noted that we had learned so much this year about our local government that we really enjoy attending these bi-weekly meetings. I believe that there has been such a lack of interest in local government, they actually like seeing their constituents in the audience.
I'm living proof that they listen. So many times on the front lines of politics, we bring them complaints.
That one particular meeting I nervously raised my hand when the mayor asked if there was any insight from the public. I asked if there would be a possibility of having a citywide cleanup day where we could work in our neighborhoods to make them beautiful. I noted that other counties and cities have this service.
Little did I know they would take me up on the offer! Last night they announced that April 20-26 Warsaw will have a citywide cleanup. I left that meeting with so many ideas for my own neighborhood, not only cleaning it up with the help of our city, but also uniting my neighbors with an “after cleaning” block party.
All this to say kudos to our city mayor and council for their warm hospitality and kindness.
I'd encourage you to attend these meetings.Find the meeting calendar here: http://www.warsaw.in.gov/ I've heard it said, “Government belongs to those who show up.” See you there!
With firm reliance on divine providence...
Monica Boyer
Kosciusko Silent NO More
Warsaw, via email