Editor, Times-Union:
I would like to encourage everyone to vote on Nov 6. It is your right, it is your privilege and more importantly, it is your responsibility. If you don’t vote, then don’t complain. Only voters have the right to do that.
Let me encourage you to vote for the person who has shown to be dedicated to “the people” regardless of the party they are affiliated with. It is truly time for us to stop voting the party (the parties mean nothing). I do hope you have done your homework as to who voted in your favor, who showed up to vote on the important issues instead of running of to Illinois like a bunch of spoiled brats. (Remember that one?) How long have they been there and have they made a favorable difference? You don’t owe them anything, they owe us.
And speaking of “issues,” there are more important issues right now other than gay marriage and studying cow farts.
Washington has playing “football” and the ball being kicked around is the American people. They think they are smarter than we are but we can outstrategize them if we score at the polls.
Food for thought: Maybe Obama was left a mess by the previous administration, but the “administration” is still there! Until we boot them out, we will have more of the same. Washington is not broke, it is “broken” and very disfunctional. We need leadership and cooperation among our representatives, Congresspeople and Senators right down to our street sweepers. We have not had much of that in the past 20 years or so.
What wealth America had four years ago is “Gone With The Wind.” The wealthy thrive and survive at the expense of the people that made America what it “was.” I was under the impression that the majority rules. Well, the majority is unemployed or struggling with menial jobs, not the wealthy. I don’t see any proper ruling going on here. Change has to come at the polls. If they won’t work for “us,” then vote them out and they won’t have a job either. Hit them where we have been hit, in the pocket book.
More Food: America never allows itself to be held hostage and we don’t apologizes for being great. We don’t make deals. We defend ourselves and other oppressed nations when necessary. We don’t look for trouble, but we don’t back down. America does not borrow $800 billion from another country (China) to bail out the richest of the rich.
I think some good ole Reaganomics is in order. Cut spending on worthless projects, cut unnecessary government jobs (czars), even reduce government wages by 10 percent. And by all means, no more bridges to nowhere. Cut, cut, cut until it hurts. I’ve had to cut back and think Washington should, too. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.
Diane M. Saldivar
Pierceton, via e-mail