Editor, Times-Union:
If you or someone you know is missing a beautiful black tomcat with a white chest and four white paws I took him to Isaiah 11 yesterday as I didn’t want him to go to the shelter.
He was obviously someone’s loving pet as he was friendly and tolerated being held. He was very hungry and I’ve been feeding him for at least a week along with other hungry cats this winter. He has been coming from the Builder's Mart area. Possibly he got out of someone's vehicle while they were getting building materials.
This winter has been brutal on these poor outdoor animals and being animal lovers, especially cats, we couldn’t stand to see any of them starve for lack of finding food on their own.
We have spayed and neutered nine feral cats, all of which were living at a foreclosed home for over two years but seemed to find their way to our house. I would have had all 10 done but some man stopped by to look at that house and let the last one out of the trap last year and I haven’t been able to catch her again. We did however have the kittens she had later (thanks to his ignorance) spayed and neutered as well. Several of these nine cats needed further vet care, which we also provided. The cats that I’ve had spayed and neutered have the tips of their left ear cut off. This is an easy way to identify they have been fixed. If you see any of these cats in your neighborhood please do not destroy, they will not reproduce and are harmless.
We are overwhelmed with cats that irresponsible people have dumped for whatever reason. Some people want them when they are kittens because they are “so cute.”  These ignorant people apparently do not understand that kittens grow up. They also reproduce often if not fixed at a very early age and require occasional trips to the vet. If you cannot afford this care, please do not own a pet of any kind. Even having them spayed and neutered doesn’t guarantee finding them good homes. Ask me how I know.
We have done all we can for the ones that are here but any new arrivals will be caught and taken to the shelter or Isaiah 11, so if you are missing a pet call Linda Ozier at Isaiah 11. She runs a not-for-profit animal refuge and counseling center and has numerous unwanted pets there. You can also adopt from her. The number is 574-858-6036.
If you are not looking for an animal she could use your donations for her ministry as this is a huge responsibility she has taken on and she relies on donations. Please call her if you have lost this beautiful black cat. He will be taken to be neutered since we have no way of knowing if it has already been done. It broke my heart to have to take him away but we have no more room at our inn.
Mike and Linda Berger
Warsaw, via email