Editor, Times-Union:
Did you ever notice how hard fast food workers toil. We take it for granted as they work virtually on slave wages.
Example. Papa Johns CEO makes $2.7 million  per year. Average worker pay  is $7.19 per hour.  It would take  their worker 382,000 hours  to make that much money.
Dollar General CEO, $3.8 million. It would take the worker 503,000 hours to make that much.
Mcdonald’s CEO,  $8.8 million. Worker would work 1.1 million hours to make that sum.
CVS CEO, $11.4 million. Worker, 1.3 million hours for that much pay.
Walmart CEO, $18.1 million. It would take the worker 986 years to make that much.
And yet the Democrat party that once upon a time championed the working class as opposed to the ruling class is closing its doors when they should be rallying the troops and headed for the castle with pitchforks and torches.
Oh yes! Forget Obama. He is just another phony like all the rest!
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via email