Editor, Times-Union:
To the readers of the Times-Union newspaper, I am in need of your help finding a family member as part of my family history research.
I would like to place a headstone on a great-aunt’s grave I just recently located in Floyd County, Kentucky. I just recently found out that she has great-great-grandkids who lived and may have worked in the Cromwell area as late as 2005. I believe some of them and family still live near there.
I am looking for two names who were related to a Robert Howard. Their  names are Kati Howard  and Cindy Slone. Robert is a second cousin to me and is related to a great-aunt from Magoffin County, Kentucky. Robert is the son of Della and Branch Neeley and his grandparents are Brack and Delana Shepherd Howard. Delana is a sister to my grandmother. I am hoping that any one who has lived in the area might have known any of that Howard family name that might still be living and how I may contact them.
If you do know them, please have them contact Rick Reed via e-mail at tinbucket78@yahoo.com or call me at 812-379-2468 in Columbus, Ind., or write to 4948 Denny St. Columbus, IN. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Rick Reed
Columbus, via e-mail