Editor, Times-Union:
I’ve been pondering the full-page ad State Representative Kubacki took out last week to publically defile her opponent and a voter in her district over two terse letters to the editor regarding her daughter’s letter. Please note the daughter’s letter was mailed to voters on campaign stationery.
I understand wanting to protect your family during a campaign and while in office. As I campaigned for and served as the mayor of Muncie, I went out of my way to not include my children, which gave me the opportunity to hold the media and my opponents accountable. When they tried to draw my minor and adult children into the political fray I always pointed out I didn’t use my children as campaign material therefore their lives were not for public display. For the most part that stance was respected.
Is Representative Kubacki so naive to think that a candidate’s adult child having a published letter, paid for by the campaign, would not open the adult daughter up to public commentary?  Given Representative Kubacki’s response I am dismayed she included her grandchildren in her campaign material. This election isn’t about Representative Kubacki’s family. It is about her voting record, in particular her second-term voting record which ironically she is not campaigning on. Her constituents have been lied to and are upset. It’s not about personalities; it’s about the voting record. We are blessed as voter to have options May 6.  Vote wisely, vote Nisly.
Sharon McShurley
Syracuse, via email