Editor, Times-Union:
Recently, it has been revealed that former State Educational Superintendent Tony Bennett appears to have tried to manipulate the state’s A-F grading system to benefit a wealthy campaign contributor. Christel DeHaan’s charter school, Christel House, earned a C rating. Work was done to search for “loopholes” to make this charter school’s grade an A. DeHaan contributed $130,000 to Bennett’s campaign and more than $2.7 million to Indiana Republicans, according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.
This is just one of the reasons why public education should not be privatized. Corrupting corporate influence into the political process will produce nice profits for these companies while our students are shortchanged. The end result will be no taxpayer money saved, only shifting of public school funding to private schools and mediocre educational outcomes at best. So far, not a surprise, there has been little response from Governor Pence and state lawmakers. Maybe they hope this will fade away with time and keep their wealthy contributors and lobbyists such as the American Legislative Exchange Council happy.  Perhaps voters will recognize that their interests are not being served and elect officials that work for them in the next election.
John Bonitati
Chairman Kosciusko County Democrats
Warsaw, via e-mail