Editor, Times-Union:
I recently found something out that I want to share with your readers that they may not be aware of at this time.
As some of you know I grow fruit – mostly apples – on my land and this year I have so much of it that I can’t use I was looking for ways to share it with my fellow citizens here in the county and get some of my expenses back from the care it takes to have it come to bear edible fruit.
I was lucky to have a good man named Earl Howard come and thin it out of my trees. He shared some of his crops with me as well as his apple cider he has made with my and other orchards’ apples.
I was told that there are a couple farmers markets that I could go to and sell some of them for a small price compared to the local supermarkets.
One of them is held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday Mornings at the local fair grounds.
I went to the fair office and spoke with a man and lady that work there to ask about selling my fruit in the market. They told me they ask that people be a member of the fair membership board. I thought it would be expensive but I was surprised when they said it was only $25 per year starting Oct. 1 lasting until September of  the next year.
I was really surprised to find the membership gives you two free passes for the fair for the whole week and a 10 percent discount on building and fairground rentals. In addition you get to vote at the annual meeting that is in November, as long as your dues are paid thirty days before the meeting that will be held this year on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. in the Shrine West building.
 Now I joined right away and my fruit was the last thing I was concerned with. I loved the idea of me being a part owner of the fairgrounds and having a vote that decides some of the things that will be done in the future on the grounds.
With this letter I want to encourage anyone who wants to be a part of our heritage that goes back almost 150 years to join and be a part of our history here in Kosciusko county.
Now I have a personal goal of raising $2 million to design and build a permanent merchants building that would have plenty of room for our locals to show their wares and services so they do not have to be concerned with the hot or nasty weather. I am sticking my neck out here but I bet if someone put up a million or two they might put your name on the building.
All kidding aside, get off your checkbook and go down to the fairgrounds,  join in and show your children getting involved is fun and it can make a difference in their future.
Michael Alspaugh
Warsaw, via email