Editor, Times-Union:
Ms. Kubacki, in responding you chose to continue to define yourself as pro-life and catholic. However, you then tell us that is “private.” OK, if you are only privately a pro-life catholic, why define yourself as such to the voters? In all fairness, you should provide a disclaimer clarifying that while you apparently like to profess to be a devout catholic, this may or may not influence the way you vote. Or save us some time and just don’t say it at all. Surely you can see how this has confused those of us who heard your speeches and based upon them voted to elect you. We had expectations. You gave us those expectations.
To lament that I am “judging” you if you say you are a vegetarian to get my vote, and then I happen upon you holding a Big Mac, with grease dripping down your chin, if I hand you a napkin, and conclude you are not a vegetarian – your protests are seen as deflecting, and pathetic.
Have a napkin, Ms. Kubacki.
Furthermore, as a woman I find your letter profoundly disappointing. Your letter, and unprofessional public outbursts reinforces the stereotype that women are “too emotional” and men more competent. No man would write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper at the heart of his district and whine when constituents voice concern over his votes.
It should be expected that your constituents will question you. Your decisions impact those we come into contact with everyday – our co-workers, our neighbors, our own families. Your votes will shape the world our children will live in. Our concerns should not annoy you as our representative. They should interest you.
I was aware it appeared that the most significant position you held prior to being elected to political office was that of the wife of a rich banker. Still, I know being the wife of a professional, volunteering and raising kids is harder than it looks. I recognized you were more than “just a wife” and stay-at-home mom. It was apparent you were a dynamic speaker and told a great family “pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps” story. Bravo. I liked that. Check. You said you were pro-life. Check. You said you were catholic, and while I'm not catholic, I like traditional catholic values. Check. I have voted for you twice. Unfortunately, based on the irrefutable facts of your voting record, you have failed to follow through on your campaign trail promises.
That being the case, unfortunately, I will be casting my vote against you on May 6. In fact, should you prevail in your primary, I, and everyone I know, will be committing blasphemy and voting for any Democrat, or dear God, please let there be an Independent option, who runs in the general election against you.
Gasp. Yes, it’s that bad.
Lisa Brown
Pierceton, via e-mail