Editor, Times-Union:
I sit here at around 4 in the morning and can't sleep.
I thought of how bad a shape this country and world is in. Here in this country we have senseless killings every day, abortions in record numbers. One political party just as corrupt as the other and a president who will not stand up for America or the very morals of the Holy Bible.
If you do not agree with what he does he labels you a racist and now we have a certain group that is threatening to sue if churches refuse to marry them. So now some of our churches are bowing to Satan so they don’t get sued.
I think boy, enough is enough.
Weep for your children’s children. How true that is today. Look at the world they will inherit if it is still here. The Bible has been tossed aside as an old fable not up to today’s changing standards and changing times.
God gave it as a road map for our lives and not only our lives but for the whole lot of countries to follow. If the Old Testament says something is sin and the new testament says it is sin, then brother it is still sin today.
We are told that if we bow down and seek God's face and repent he will heal our land. We have a fire burning now out west that is so big it is creating it's own weather patterns.
I watched a video of a sinkhole in the south swallow up 40-foot trees this week. Has our Lord had enough? That's the question.
I used to think of heaven as the ancient of days sitting on a mighty throne and his beloved son Jesus sitting on a majestic throne to his right and all the elders gathered round them with thousand upon thousands of Angels singing praises and psalms round about them in the air.
But now I can picture Gabriel standing next to Jesus with a trumpet and 7 Angels standing there with 7 vials and the Angels are singing praises just a little lower for they are listening for the Father to turn to the Son and say, “Go bring your church home. Enough is enough.
Lonnie Slone
Warsaw, via email