Editor, Times-Union:
In a previous letter to the editor, “Supporting the Local Economy” Sept. 6, I made mention of the empty retail storefronts at the Big R, Kmart, Carson’s and Walmart shopping plazas and how they need to be filled again as part of keeping the local economy of Kosciusko County vibrant. If anyone knows of any for-profit or non-profit organizations here in the county, the state of Indiana or throughout the United States that are looking for a place to locate a business or need office space for a corporate headquarters, please contact the realtors of those locations or our local Warsaw Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce.
There are also empty storefronts on Winona Avenue waiting to be filled, the soon-to-be-empty YMCA building, plus the abandoned Gatke factory next to the greenway/bike trail. I think if a buyer cannot be found for the Gatke property it should be torn down and incorporated into the greenway/bike trail.
If anyone else knows of other empty buildings located in the greater Warsaw area or in other towns throughout Kosciusko County, contact the Chamber of Commerce as previously mentioned or write into the letters to the editor column with suggestions as to what can be done with those buildings.
Alexander Houze