Editor, Times-Union:
The recent mailer sent to District 22 voters by the Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG) accusing Curt Nisly  of treason is the lowest, meanest, nastiest piece of political trash I’ve ever encountered in my life.
Four years ago the IBRG set the previous low in their $70,000 campaign to smear Bill Ruppel. I didn’t think they could top that campaign but they did with this mailer.
The IBRG is the political arm of the Indiana State Chamber and is an embarrassment with this action. Why would any citizen want to run for political office and subject themselves to this type of character assassination? It is a shame that under current law any ethically bankrupt group can make any accusation and not be held legally accountable.
I have enough confidence in the voters of the 22nd district that they will decide this election on the issues and not on a piece of trash that is only marginally appropriate for lining a bird cage.
Dave Wolkins