Editor, Times-Union:
For the first time in my life I have actually gotten off the sidelines and into the game. And, oh, what an education it has been.
I have met some wonderful people in my lifetime, but none quite like Curt Nisly. He is a man of principle and one who respects every person he meets. He does not listen to respond, he listens to understand! The first time I met him I was blown away by his personal concern, values and vision.
I’ll never forget the first time I heard someone question him about what makes him think that he is believable and in this race for the long haul. An individual cornered him and asked what is different about him than any other candidate, and what if he were to win an election and go back on his word and oath and fail to represent the very people he was sent to serve. His response was filled with integrity. He told them then they should look to replace him if that were the case. He stated on the spot that he would do everything in his power to be a voice of reason to represent free people and less government.
He is a rare individual who is not afraid to stand up an say enough is enough to establishment. The word NO today is not used in the ebb and flow of big government, however, after meeting Curt, one of the things I most appreciate is his work ethic at a grassroots level, where real people live. He is genuinely concerned for every citizen he desires to represent and is more than willing to serve and to sacrifice things in order to make that dream a reality.
His tenacity is infectious. He listens, he learns and he leads. He has shown by example that hard work and clear focus are what it takes to restore integrity and honesty to District 22. Join me in full support of Curt Nisly on May 6.
Choose wisely ... vote Nisly!
Terry P. Wood
Warsaw, via email