Editor, Times-Union:
If there’s one thing we should stand up for today in politics, it’s transparency. Transparency equals accountability, and accountability equals action. That’s why I’m voting for Jon Fussle for county commissioner.
My husband and I have known Jon and Katye for a few years, since meeting them through mutual friends at our church. Soon after meeting Jon, we could see he was a strong leader with conservative conviction we could trust and support. You don’t have to know Jon to see his passions in life are God, family and community.
If you happen to stop in to Warsaw Community Church on a Sunday morning, Jon and Katye are there, juggling their toddler, and stopping to chat with anyone who walks their way. This isn’t because they’re “campaigning,” but because they clearly love and invest in the people around them. Not to mention, Jon isn’t afraid to let his faith ground him and guide his values: transparency, accountability and action.
If you happen to peruse the Fussle family Facebook pages, you won’t just find Jon hot on the campaign trail, you’ll find Katye (and even little Savannah) supporting him all along the way. This isn’t because they have to, but because Katye genuinely loves and believes in the values Jon stands for: transparency, accountability and action.
If you happen to stop by First Friday, or a local fish fry, there you might see the Fussle family yet again. Why? Because Jon Fussle knows no stranger … and to the Fussles, their community is not just the town they live in, but the family they love.
If you know Jon Fussle, you know Jon Fussle. The Jon Fussle you see at church is the Jon Fussle you see on Facebook and the Jon Fussle you see at the fish fry. What you see is what you get with Jon, and that’s why you should vote for Jon Fussle, county commissioner.
Annelise Galloway
Winona Lake, via email