Editor, Times-Union:
On May 6th the citizens of Indiana, including Kosciusko County, will vote for who they feel is best qualified at leading the state of Indiana and Kosciusko County on a fiscal and innovative path to prosperity. The importance of being an informed voter is crucial in the election of a public service representative at any level of government, including; county, state and federal offices. People, who know me, know that I have much to say when talking politics, but to save time and the 500-word limit I will focus on the local county commissioners race. That said; the purpose of this letter is to offer my thoughts on why I support Jon Fussle for county commissioner.
Jon Fussle has the experience and leadership it takes to be county commissioner. He is a county council member who is proud to serve Kosciusko County. His leadership role in Campaign Cleanup is one example, among many, of his love for this community. He studied political science at Holy Cross College. He is a professional pilot and small business owner. Frankly, he probably has more experience than many others who aspire to run for a local political office. Experience is important however, combined with leadership and vision it exemplifies a successful and valuable public servant. Jon Fussle demonstrates those leadership qualities.
Jon is a man willing to step out of the box. He believes transparency is important, too, his personal life and public office as well. Rather than define transparency to only limiting himself to a figurative open-door policy, Jon believes it is beneficial to also step out of the office and approach the community by engaging in conversation through social media, which many of his constituents use as a useful tool in staying informed with community activities. Using social media through Twitter, Facebook, and also the 2nd Council Town-Hall meetings, in addition to the traditional open-door, phone and email interaction with constituents, he brings a broad arena for reaching more people in this community. These are fresh and innovative ideas in getting more people involved with business of the county. He understands, with transparency brings accountability, and he meets adversity head on. I’ve been involved in conversations when a person will question or oppose a decision he has made, and he is always gracious, professional and honest in his response. Most importantly, he honors and respects the principles and opinions of others, while maintaining integrity and holding solidly to his own principles.
Jon is a person of great character. His passion reaches far greater than being a successful businessman or politician. If Jon would have a personal/public servant slogan for success it would probably read something like this: “Success is based on knowing God, possessing integrity, and a desire to be of value to others.”
When I go to the polls on May 6th, my vote for county commissioner will be Jon Fussle. He is the person I feel is best qualified to lead Kosciusko County toward a fiscally responsible, prosperous and innovative future.
Kathy Sand
Warsaw, via email