Editor, Times-Union:
Kosciusko County is blessed to have six people of quality vying for judge in Superior Courts 1 and 2.
I’ve attended two functions to hear the candidates’ views. It was obvious that all care about our community, but two really stand out as qualified and have extensive experience in the courts.
Torrey Bauer, running for Superior Court 2, has invested much time in community service in our area and also has much more experience in Superior Court.
David Cates is the stand-out candidate for judge in Superior Court 1. David’s passion for our county, and especially the young people, is evidenced by his work with CASA and other organizations serving youth, such as Teen Parents Succeeding, Lakeland Community Service, Lakeland Youth Center and child advocacy groups.
David has practiced law in Kosciusko for 27 years, is a former public defender and has served as pro tem (substitute) judge over 100 days in the county courts. David’s opponents have less time in law practice and considerably less experience in Superior Court 1. His two opponents have tried 29 and 40 cases respectively in Superior Court 1 compared with David’s 218 cases.
When you go to vote on Tuesday, consider the importance of mature judgment which experience fosters. Someone could be your best friend but not the best choice for this important position.
Someone said to me at one of the “meet and greet” gatherings, “You are David Cates’ mother-in-law. He must be a special person if his mother-in-law is for him.” Yes, he is! He’s a person of compassion and integrity. He loves his family, basketball and fishing. But remember, even Jesus chose a fisherman to work on his team!
Vote David Cates for Superior Court 1.
Evelyn Reynolds