Editor, Times-Union:
I’m writing to express my deep disappointment in the “new” Indiana education standards. After listening to Gov. Pence during the State of the State address assure us that education would be written for Hoosiers by Hoosiers, I had hoped that was what would happen. Unfortunately, the Education Board did not follow through with Gov Pence’s promise.
After looking at these “new” standards and attending the last public last week, I realized they are nothing more than a cut-and-paste right from Common Core. Now, common sense would tell you that if parents are upset with Common Core, you certainly shouldn’t just rename them in hopes that they won’t figure it out. It’s insulting for them to think we are that naive!  
Common Core is dangerous to our children’s education and the future of our country. These standards are nothing more than the fulfillment of the UN’s Agenda 21 program to indoctrinate and therefore, control our children. If that’s hard to believe, I encourage you to do the research yourself. Our federal government, and the likes of Bill Gates and others, are forcing this into our schools and onto our children. Just wait until the real data mining comes into play! If you think parents are outraged now, just wait until they realize that this data mining is extremely personal and controlling.
I encourage citizens to get involved at the local and state level to make your voice be heard. District 22’s representative Rebecca Kubacki is only listening to “experts” when it comes to Common Core. We have a responsibility to replace our representative if they are not fulfilling their obligations so I encourage you to consider Curt Nisly as our new representative and vote for him in the May 6th primary.
Rhonda Miller
Nappanee, via e-mail