Editor, Times-Union:
I would like to wish everyone a “Happy Earth Day” today, but I can’t. Our earth is anything but happy, presently.
There are many organizations trying to right the damage, but they just can’t keep up. The pendulum swings to the side of so many doing great harm to our earth. Fracking is becoming a common action. It is causing very bad reactions.
The SS Badger, a ferry boat, is dumping tons of coal ash into Lake Michigan, after being asked to stop. Our lakes and streams are reaping the mismanagement of agriculture run off and other man-made pollution. Rain forests are being depleted at a very fast rate. Even oceans are at risk. Our neighboring farmers are polluting our air and water, by building huge CAFOs and CFOs in inhabited areas and spreading the tons of manure all around homes and businesses.
Some people are reaping the benefits of making money. All of us are at the mercy of those who continue to tear the earth down instead of conserving its valuable resources.
Marjorie Vance
Claypool, via e-mail