Editor, Times-Union:
This curmudgeon witnessed a 20-year long trend – packaged as a style shift – however, who creates it laying the ground work? For instance, we started dressing for Casual Fridays at work just leaving your necktie in the closet, dressing as if going out to a golf course – but it soon eroded to an everyday occurrence.
Today it’s not unusual to see unshaven men, holy-kneed trousers, wrinkled and untucked shirt, disheveled hair, to say nothing of exposed tattoos, body piercing all for public consumption, at least looking like you just rolled out of bed that would be ideal. Whatever happened to self respect, courtesy and dignity?
I guess dressing down helps to differentiate (at a glance or on the street) the well-healed wealthy, but indistinguishable from a vagrant or panhandler. Are we unwittingly getting readied for new norms coming our way? As a slipping society – losing its middle-class values – it’s more convenient to disguise the negative financial slope we’re on, possibly trends are orchestrated by a select few having a veiled control – however that’s not a democracy as many define it.
Robert Snizek
Warsaw, via e-mail