Editor, Times-Union:
I read a letter I had to look to see if my daughter wrote it.
It was so much like our visits with Dr. Goksel. My husband was tired, no energy, losing blood, we did not know why.
Dr. Goksel did a bone marrow test and found out he has Macroglobulinemia of Waldenstrom. It is very rare. It is lymphoma of the blood.
My daughter also went with us. She took notes and asked questions. This wonderful doctor took the time to answer all our questions.
He had treatment and his cancer is now in remission. We can not thank Dr. Goksel enough for what he has done for our family and all other families. Let’s not let this good, kind and caring doctor down. Let’s keep supporting him.
Elaine Fletcher
Etna Green
Editor’s Note: Dr. Goksel has renewed his contract and will remain at Kosciusko Community Hospital.