Editor, Warsaw Times-Union

After reading the letter from Shirlee Clevenger, I had to expound my regrets on
what she wrote about.
The letter was in the February 22 issue of the Times-Union.  I am wintering
in Florida and receive the newspapers a few days late.
I am saddened to hear that Dr. Goksel could be leaving Warsaw.  How could
KCH let him go?  It would be a detrimate to Warsaw andf the surrounding
comunities to lose a doctor with Dr. Goksel's credence and compassion.

My husband (Jerry) and I both have been patients of Dr. Goksel and could
not imagine going through our cancer problems without him.

I, like Shirlee would like to ask any of Dr. Goksel's current or past
patients to
get get the good words out there for him.  Write your letter to the Times-
Union or to the Hospital Board.   Just do it!

Vivian Kelly
Port Charlotte, Fla.