Editor, Times-Union:
I’m trying to understand something that doesn't make any sense to me about downtown parking.
I just got a $10 ticket for parking in a “county owned spot” while soliciting a downtown business, so I’m hoping someone can explain this to me: Our tax dollars bought the lot behind Mad Anthony’s for county employees to park in. Our tax dollars pay the salaries of our county employees. The parking lot behind Mad Anthony’s was half empty, and after enjoying a delicious lunch at a great downtown restaurant, of which I am so grateful is in Warsaw, I come out to find one of Warsaw’s finest writing me a ticket.
I think the residents of this county deserve to know which way our elected officials want this ... Do they want a vibrant thriving downtown, or will they ticket us out of parking spaces and keep us out? Yes, county officials deserve our respect, and an equal chance to downtown parking. But we have just as many or more older and handicapped residents who at least deserve the same chance. And we have businesses depending on our local government to help them get as many clients as possible, and that means freeing up as much nearby parking for them as we can get.
The city of Goshen has made superhuman effort and sacrificed to help grow their beautiful downtown and its businesses, and this town I love needs to do the same. And that starts by setting their  parking spaces free to all. C’mon, commissioners, this is not meant to be a government-bashing letter, but we’re all counting on you to come through on this one and help our downtown.
Jon Blackwood
Leesburg, via e-mail