Editor, Times-Union:
Last week Rep. Rebecca Kubacki paid for a full-page ad. In it, she ramped-up her rhetoric. She wrote, “I opened up last Saturday  morning’s newspaper to find two vicious attack letters from Curt Nisly supporters. This time, they are attacking my daughter! … That Curt Nisly’s campaign would attack my daughter is one of the most despicable, cowardly, and un-Christian things I’ve seen a candidate’s campaign ever do.”
Yet today in my mail, I received a mailing accusing Nisly of “treason,” which I consider to be much more vicious, despicable, cowardly and unChristian than anything she has accused Nisly of doing.
To help District 22 voters be informed, here are the references she referred to: “I’ve never doubted that Rebecca Kubacki is a great wife, mother and grandmother, but that’s not what elections are about,” Teresa Martin, Silver Lake.
“… her adopted daughter just mailed a letter to convince you what a great mom she is! This makes perfect sense really, Rep. Kubacki had to have her daughter write a glowing report about her parenting skills to convince you the voter that Rep. Kubacki knows better than you and needs to take of you,” Amy Prosser, Warsaw.
Would the average person view these comments as vicious attacks, hateful and despicable? Only a politician would draw that conclusion. In the same political advertisement, Kubacki wrote, “For example, I’ve been mocked by Boyer as ‘the mother of Indiana,’ apparently because I care a lot about kids.”
It was the Journal Gazette which reported on Jan. 19, 2014: “Rep. Rebecca Kubacki, R-Syracuse, has filed a number of bills protecting children and families. ‘I’m going to be the mother of Indiana,’ she said of her desire to fight for those in need.”
Last week’s ad seems like a desperate attempt to change the subject. For District 22, the subject is Kubacki’s voting record. If that’s what she did last week, I wonder what she’ll do this week.
No doubt, Kubacki is a great politician … and a great wife, mother and grandmother. What I want to vote for is someone who will represent our district. That’s why I say, “Choose Wisely, Vote Nisly.”
Eileen Trent
Nappanee, via email